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Therapeutic team

  • MA Anna Kazuła Coordinator of the team of psychologists of day psychiatric wards, psychologist, certified psychotherapist of PSPI, specialist in environmental therapy
  • M.D. Beata Bierkowska – Jakóbczyk Head of the general day psychiatric ward 1, psychiatrist specialist
  • M.D. Dorota Dobrzeniecka-Woś Head of the psychiatric day ward for neurotic disorders, psychiatrist specialist, environmental therapy specialist
  • MA Katarzyna Walas Psychologist, Psychotherapist
  • MA Magdalena Jędrusik Educator, Psychotherapist
  • MA Michał Trokowski Psychologist
  • PhD in Medical Science Malwina Tudorowska PTP’S (Polish Psychological Association) 1st degree trainer
  • lek.  Sylwia Jaskólska
    lek. Sylwia Jaskólska
    ordynator Oddziału Psychiatrycznego Dziennego Rehabilitacyjnego specjalista psychiatra
  • lek. Marta Kułaga
    lek. Marta Kułaga
    lekarz psychiatra Oddziału Psychiatrycznego Dziennego Ogólnego 2, w trakcie szkolenia specjalizacyjnego
  • mgr Agnieszka Gralak
    mgr Agnieszka Gralak
  • mgr Marcin Woźniak
    mgr Marcin Woźniak
    psycholog, certyfikowany psychoterapeuta Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychiatrycznego
  • mgr Waldemar Kakareko
    mgr Waldemar Kakareko
    Koordynator Zespołu Terapeutów Zajęciowych Oddziałów Psychiatrycznych Dziennych i Oddziału Stacjonarnego, magister sztuki
  • mgr Alicja Paczkowska
    mgr Alicja Paczkowska
    Koordynator Zespołu Pielęgniarskiego Oddziałów Psychiatrycznych Dziennych, magister pielęgniarstwa

Psychiatric day ward Center for Psychiatry


Location and contact information for Psychiatric day care ward

ul. Kościuszki 16,
85-079 Bydgoszcz

+48 52 321 32 03

The Day care ward’s working hours are
from Monday to Friday, in regular hours from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

A patient before the stay must provide a referral and register for stay. The length of stay at the Psychiatric and neurotic disorders day care ward is up to 12 weeks. For the Rehabilitation Department it is up to 16 weeks. The duration of treatment depends on the patient’s mental state, and the achievement of therapeutic or diagnostic goals. The goal is to improve the mental state and functioning in social roles, at a level that does not require further hospitalization and to maintain the comfort of life despite the illness, and based on the outpatient assistance after discharge from the Ward.

The Psychiatric Day Care Ward at Gizińscy Medical Centre has been operating since 2003. During this time, we have developed our own model of therapy, which we are constantly trying to expand to provide the perfectly adjusted form of treatment for patients.

Within the structure of the Psychiatric day care ward, there are three Psychiatric wards:

  • General psychiatric day ward
  • Rehabilitation day ward
  • Psychiatric ward of neurotic disorders

Staying at the wards provides an intermediate form of hospitalization between the 24-hour ward and outpatient care. The therapeutic offer of the wards is aimed at patients with psychotic processes, mood disorders, disorders conditioned by organic changes in the central nervous system and anxiety disorders, stress-related (adaptive) disorders, somatization disorders, eating disorders, habit and impulse disorders, as well as adult personality and behaviour disorders.

The patients and staff form a therapeutic community

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We are a nursing training centre.

In September 2014, we obtained accreditation to run an internship centre for people undergoing training for a psychotherapist certificate at the Polish Psychiatric Association (send applications to: