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Preparation for admission to the hospital

1. Referral to the hospital

In order to register for an operation, the patient must have a referral to the hospital. Before the procedure, there is a qualifying visit with the operating doctor. Registration for a surgical procedure takes place: in person, by phone or e-mail.

All surgical procedures are paid, with some financed by the NFZ (Polish National Health Fund). In the case of paid procedures, after registration for a given procedure, an agreement is concluded between the patient and Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy Sp. z o. o.

Contact information for registration for a surgery:

Procedures coordination department

Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy Hospital, room 4401, 3rd floor.

tel. +48 52 345 50 80 , e-mail: rejestracjazabiegow@gizinscy.pl

1. Documents and personal belongings

Prepare your previous medical documentation, especially information cards from previous hospital treatment, and the results of tests ordered by the operating physician should be provided. In the case of hospitalization of a child, you must bring a Child Health Booklet.

The medical documentation from the previous treatment will be photocopied and attached to the patient’s medical history.

You should also bring an identity document (identity card or passport) and pajamas/shirt, extra shoes, toiletries with you to the hospital for surgery. Please leave valuables/jewellery at home.

2. Medicines

Before the surgery, you should tell about the medications you are taking with the operating doctor and notify the nurse.

Bring the medicines taken permanently with you to Centrum (in the original packaging or blisters).

Important! 7-10 days before the operation, do not take anticoagulants containing acetylsalicylic acid, such as: acard, polocard, aspirin, polopyrin, scorbolamide, headache tablets. Patients taking oral acenocumarol, sintrom, syncumar, warfin must switch to treatment with low molecular weight heparin (Clexane, Fragmin, Fraxiparyna) – the type and dose of the drug is determined by the doctor.

On the scheduled day of admission to the Hospital, the patient goes to the General front desk at the time set by the Treatment Coordination Department.

Before the surgery, the patient must comply with the following recommendations:

Eating and drinking before surgery under general anesthesia:

  • Do not eat for 6 hours before the operation
  • in the period from 6 to 4 hours before the operation, you can drink clear liquids, such as: still water, fruit juices, tea, etc.
  • 4 hours before the operation you should be on an empty stomach! Do not chew gum!

Eating and drinking before surgery under topical anesthesia:

  • on the day of the procedure, a light diet is recommended
  • Do not eat anything 2 hours before the procedure

Instructions for preparing for surgery

Child surgery informations
The procedure – local anesthesia
The procedure – general anesthesia

1. The patient makes a reservation prepayment no later than 7 days from the moment of signing the contract. The patient may withdraw from the contract no later than 10 working days before the planned date of the surgery without incurring additional costs, with the exception of procedures requiring the use of breast implants, where then the withdrawal period is 28 days.

2. If the patient withdraws from the contract less than 10 working days before the planned date of the surgical procedure or for reasons attributable to the patient (including cancellation of the procedure by the patient, the patient’s failure to appear at the CMG Hospital on the agreed date), the procedure does not take place and the prepayment will not be returned to the patient.

3. Before performing the surgery, the patient is obliged to pay the remuneration in full, in accordance with the contract. In the absence of payment, the CMG Hospital has the right to refuse to admit the patient to the CMG Hospital and to refuse to perform the surgery.

Payment methods:

The patient makes a reservation prepayment to the following account:

Transfer recipient/beneficiary: Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy Sp. z o.o.

The recipient’s bank: Bank Millennium

PL 89 1160 2202 0000 0003 8095 5450

Transfer title: The patient’s full name and date of operation

For foreign transfers:

IBAN PL 89 1160 2202 0000 0003 8095 5450


Bank address: ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa

The recipient bank’s country: Poland

For payment by cash/credit card, the patient makes a prepayment at the front desk.

Timely payment of the reservation prepayment is a guarantee of booking the date of the surgery.


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