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The endoscopy is performed by a general surgeon due to an appropriate speculum which enables the evaluation of the condition of the anal canal and the terminal part of the rectum. Anoscopy is performed for diseases of the anus, invisible from the outside, e.g. ulcers, perianal fistulas, haemorrhoids, anal polyps, and cancers.

PLN 350

This treatment involves the removal of skin fibromas using a suitable tip emitting high-frequency alternating current. This tip heats up to a very high temperature, which leads to the burning of the tissue which forms the skin lesion. It is a non-invasive procedure, as it does not require incision of the skin and surgical removal of tissues, making it safe. Immediately before the procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied within the treatment area.

PLN 500

PLN 500

PLN 450

Endoscopic examination is performed by a general surgeon using a rigid speculum, which allows to assess the condition of the rectum and the sigmoid colon. Rectoscopy enables, e.g. detection of anal polyps, endometriosis, recognizing the cause of frequent diarrhea or rectal bleeding.

PLN 350

Surgical removal under local anesthesia with lidocaine, e.g. skin moles, atheromas, lipomas, nodules.

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