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The frenulum of the tongue is a tissue structure that connects the lower surface of the tongue to the lower part of the mouth. It is responsible for shaping of speech and stabilizing the tongue muscle. A common problem is a too short sublingual frenulum. It is manifested by difficulty swallowing or sucking the breast in the case of newborns. There may also be malocclusion and speech defects. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia (lidocaine spray) in children even a few days old. The treatment is possible already on the first visit, if the doctor finds it necessary. Preparation for the procedure: Before the procedure, do not feed the child to avoid choking during the procedure.

PLN 350 (+ cost of a laryngological visit PLN 180-250)

PLN 500

PLN 450

Surgical removal under local anesthesia with lidocaine, e.g. skin moles, atheromas, lipomas, nodules.

from PLN 450