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At the Gizińscy Medical Center, we employ a minimally invasive endoscopic technique in lumbar spine surgery as an alternative to the classic surgery.

Endoscopic spine procedures using the Riwospine Vertebris system are a modern method of treating diseases including disc herniation and stenosis with disc prolapse and spinal cord compression, which occur in patients of all ages. Compared to the classic methods in spine surgery, the endoscopic system is less invasive and ensures faster recovery of the patient and, therefore, faster return to work.

In Europe, this method is beginning to prevail over classical methods in spine surgery. The Riwospine Vertebris system is a modern device enabling the surgical treatment of spine diseases, such as discopathies, stenoses with symptoms of sciatica, neurogenic claudication and spinal pain syndromes (Lumbalgia).

Our Center also has a unique Riwospine Perculine System for endoscopic percutaneous denervation of the facet and sacroiliac joints in the case of lumbar spine pain syndromes.

What the endoscopic system means to the patient:

  • less postoperative pain,
  • minimal disruption of the paraspinal muscles, reducing the risk of possible spine instability,
  • a smaller postoperative scar,
  • less risk of infection,
  • shorter hospitalization and recovery time,
  • quick recovery and faster return to work.

Endoscopic spine procedures are performed by a specialist neurosurgeon Bogdan Kitliński, MD, PhD in Medical Science

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