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24H package HAssessment of your health condition in 24 hours

This prophylactic-health program carried out at Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy is aimed both at healthy people who want to find out about the state of their health in a quick and fully professional manner. Thus, it is a prophylactic exam aimed at early detection of changes and detection of diseases in the subclinical period, i.e. the period when they do not give typical symptoms, as well as for sick people suffering from various diseases, in order to monitor and modify their current treatment.

This program is aimed at people from all age ranges, regardless of gender, and consist of a basic module performed on all patients and a detailed module consisting of extended laboratory tests, diagnostics, treatment and specialized medical consultations. The detailed module is selected individually after an initial health assessment, following a thorough medical history, medical examination and detailed tests.

WHY IS IT WORTH? – Health Assessment within 24 hours

24H package – price list

24H package
24H package

Broad range of tests

A wide range of available laboratory tests, diagnostic tests, such as MRI, echocardiogram, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, spirometry, and highly specialized medical consultations guarantee a high level of service and a full, reliable picture of one’s health, with a proper diagnosis, coordinating treatment, scheduling follow-up tests and non-pharmacological recommendations on diet and lifestyle.

The program is carried out in an inpatient setting, with a 1 or 2-day stay at the hospital, depending on the scheduled diagnostic tests and recommended therapy.

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