Over 36 years of experience

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About Gizińscy Medical Centre

Dear Customers,
Gizińscy Medical Centre has been operating for over 36 years now. We started with a single surgery in Bydgoszcz located at Sułkowskiego Street in Bielawy district. In the 1990s, we moved to Kosciuszki Street in the city centre. Thanks to better location, we were able to open several surgeries and one treatment room there. Today, we are housed in four specialized buildings, and provide almost all types of medical assistance. We are very grateful to you for the trust you place in us. We are not stopping in trying to develop further. We see the need. It is important for us. Thanks to mutual cooperation, which has been going on for 4th decade, we have the comfort of employing the best specialists from all over the country. These specialists serve you every day in treatments, with advice, in facilitating and improving everyday life. Gizińscy Medical Centre is a family enterprise. Together, we focus on a wide range of services, we bet on professionalism and comfort. All this so that our patients leave satisfied and with a sense of help. We listen to their feedback to improve our clinic further. Every day we try to make Gizińscy Medical Centre develop and change for the better. So as to meet the needs and expectations of our patients.

We hope and deeply believe that you will continue to support us in providing the best healthcare. For our part, we make a promise that just as we have helped you in small and large matters for the last 36 years, we will continue to help you. Thank you.

With respect and warm greetings,
The Gizińscy family

Gizińscy Medical Centre in numbers

  • 138 266Number of medical advices provided in 2023
  • 14 033Number of advice provided until January 31, 2024
  • 4003Number of hospitalizations in 2023
  • 354Number of hospitalizations until January 31, 2024

Over 36 years of experience

At the same time, by working in the public health service, at the university and in state and local government administration, we constantly strived to create the simplest and most effective solutions. We use all our experiences and thoughts when moving the Gizińscy Medical Centre to the new location at Leśna street. Only now we can say that we run a real, modern clinic with a large number of surgeries and clinics, hospital wards, treatment and operating rooms.