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Community treatment team

Community treatment team (Polish: ZLŚ) is a form of therapy for people with mental disorders, providing them with health services in a social and home environment.

The Community Treatment Team provide care to persons who have completed treatment in a 24-hour or day ward and require further socio-therapeutic, pharmacological and rehabilitation activities, as well as persons with whom it has not been possible to obtain lasting effective cooperation in treatment. The team also provide help to lonely and dependent people.

The main principle of community treatment is to provide help to patients in their place of residence.

Admission criteria:
  • a referral from a psychiatrist for community treatment
  • the patient’s consent to treatment
  • health insurance
We provide assistance only to patients residing in Bydgoszcz.


+48 52 345 50 80

The managers

lek. Witold Bartkowiak

The coordinator

M.D. Witold Bartkowiak