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Stationary psychiatric ward Center for Psychiatry

Oddział psychiatryczny stacjonarny

Location and contact information for Psychiatric inpatient ward:

ul. Leśna 9
85-676 Bydgoszcz

+48 52 345 50 80

The psychiatric ward at the Centrum Medycznym Gizińscy has been operating since October 31, 2008, systematically increasing the number of places and expanding the therapeutic offer

Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy Sp. z o.o. has two psychiatric inpatient wards (General psychiatric ward and the ward for the treatment of neurotic disorders), which provide round-the-clock care for patients referred to the local center, in scheduled and emergency mode.

The hospital stays are covered by an agreement with NFZ (Polish National Health Fund).

The therapeutic offer of the wards is aimed at patients with psychotic processes, mood disorders, disorders conditioned by organic changes in the central nervous system and anxiety disorders due to alcoholism and psychoactive substances dependency, stress-related (adaptive) disorders, somatization disorders, eating disorders, sleeping disorders habitual and impulse disorders, as well as adult personality and behaviour disorders.

Patients receive medical care related to the diagnosis and pharmacotherapy of mental disorders, nursing care, as well as psychological and psychotherapeutic diagnosis and care.

Therapeutic activities include: group psychotherapy, individual psychological support, music therapy, drawing, art therapy, relaxation, physical activities in a sports club, therapeutic and travel film cinema, psychoeducational meetings are conducted to understand the essence of mental illness and related limitations and training groups supporting social skills, communication, coping with stress or emotions.

By agreeing to participate in group psychotherapy, participants decide to begin the process of giving and receiving support and working towards the desired changes in their personal lives. We place great emphasis on regularity, consistency in treatment and overcoming our own limitations.

The patients and staff form a therapeutic community

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Patients who, due to the nature of some mental disorders, do not promise improvement as part of treatment in a Psychiatric ward and require round-the-clock specialist care, should be treated in specialist care and treatment facilities and nursing and care facilities. Currently, Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy does not offer this form of care.

The therapeutic profile of the Ward also does not include long-term addiction therapy for patients addicted to psychoactive substances and/or requiring detoxification – the treatment of the above disorders should take place in specialized conditions of Addiction treatment wards and clinics and in the Treatment of Abstinence Syndrome (so-called detoxification) wards, which are currently we do not have a therapeutic offer in our offer.

We are a nursing training centre.

In September 2014, we obtained accreditation to run an internship centre for people undergoing training for a psychotherapist certificate at the Polish Psychiatric Association (send applications to: