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M.D. Grzegorz Hauslinger

general surgeon specialist


Graduated from the Academy of Medicine in Gdańsk.

Languages: English


Hospital in Bydgoszcz.
From 1988, after obtaining the right to practice in South Africa, he started working in the surgical department of a regional hospital in the Pretoria area. The range of treatments included, in addition to the treatment of numerous injuries, also urological, gynecological and orthopedic procedures.
From 1996 he worked at the Amplats (later Anglo Platinum) mining hospital in Rustenburg. After qualifying as a specialist (in the Republic of South Africa) in 1998, he was responsible for the entire surgical service for mine workers and for surgical consultations for the company’s peripheral hospitals. A large part of the work was occupied by trauma surgery, including thoracic and vascular injuries.
Since 2012, he has been working at the Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy, where, in addition to minor surgical procedures that can be performed at the clinic, he also performs surgical procedures that do not require long-term hospitalization.

Performed outpatient procedures

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Performed hospital procedures

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Treats only adults.

Price list (private)

Cost of a visit: PLN 300

Excision of a single lesion: PLN 560 with a histopathology test

Excision of each subsequent lesion: + PLN 200

Removal of an ingrown nail from PLN 500

Abscess incision: from PLN 500

Electrocoagulation: PLN 500