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Treatments Laryngology of children and adults

Available procedures:


A procedure involving detachment of the nasal septum mucosa. A special solution is injected into the mucous membrane and the membrane is incised, which reduces the vascularization of the nasal septum. It is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, which effectively eliminates the problem of recurrent bleeding from the nasal cavity.

PLN 1500

A treatment aimed at reducing and closing the crypts of the tonsils using a laser. Chronic tonsillitis causes symptoms such as: pain, inflammation, bad breath from the mouth, accumulation of stones. The procedure is quick, painless and performed under local anesthesia.

Removal of nasal polyps is done intranasally, under local anesthesia. The polyp is cut off with special forceps. A single polyp can be removed using RF/laser. The removed polyp is sent for histopathological examination in order to assess the nature of the change.

The most common lesions of the mouth or throat area are papillomas. These are benign, benign tumors that can cause nosebleeds, speech disorders, hearing and swallowing problems. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The removed formation is sent for histopathological examination in order to assess the nature of the change.

Swabs are performed in the diagnosis of the causes of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, throat and larynx.

The frenulum of the tongue is a tissue structure that connects the lower surface of the tongue to the lower part of the mouth. It is responsible for shaping of speech and stabilizing the tongue muscle. A common problem is a too short sublingual frenulum. It is manifested by difficulty swallowing or sucking the breast in the case of newborns. There may also be malocclusion and speech defects. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia (lidocaine spray) in children even a few days old. The treatment is possible already on the first visit, if the doctor finds it necessary. Preparation for the procedure: Before the procedure, do not feed the child to avoid choking during the procedure.

PLN 350 (+ cost of a laryngological visit PLN 180-250)