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  • M.D. Bożena Hauslinger Head of the Anaesthesiology Team, specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care
  • M.D. Piotr Chmarzewski Anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist
  • M.D. Karol Dubiński
    M.D. Karol Dubiński
  • M.D. Krzysztof Jaszowski Coordinator of the Enteral Nutrition Team, Anesthesiologist
  • M.D. Tomasz Jopkiewicz
    M.D. Tomasz Jopkiewicz
  • M.D. Artur Kwiecień
    M.D. Artur Kwiecień
  • M.D. Joanna Magielska
    M.D. Joanna Magielska
  • M.D. Agnieszka Malczewska
    M.D. Agnieszka Malczewska
  • M.D. Krzysztof Olejarczyk
    M.D. Krzysztof Olejarczyk
  • M.D. Monika  Sieńkowska-Magoń
    M.D. Monika Sieńkowska-Magoń
  • M.D. Ewa  Węgrzynowska
    M.D. Ewa Węgrzynowska

Anesthesiology and intensive therapy

Specialist Anesthesiologist – a doctor who anesthetizes the patient before procedures, monitors his vital signs during the procedure and wakes the patient up after the procedure. 

Before each procedure requiring anesthesia, a consultation with an anesthesiologist takes place, who conducts an interview with the patient for whom surgery is planned. The anesthesiologist must collect information about the patient’s health, medications, past or current chronic diseases, allergies or previous surgeries. Based on the interview, the anesthesiologist selects the appropriate anesthesia for the patient. However, after surgery, they deal with the treatment of postoperative pain