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LipoLife 3G laser liposuction Aesthetic Medicine Gizińscy

This is a revolutionary procedure that will allow you to achieve perfect
body proportions by removing fat tissue from areas where there is too much of it and using it in places where it is lacking!

What is Lipolife 3G?

LipoLife 3G is a comprehensive laser liposuction that allows you to
remove unwanted fat tissue in a revolutionary way. Thanks to the use of
a wavelength of 1470 nm and radial laser emission, fat cells are not
destroyed. Instead, they are taken away and reused.

The results of clinical tests on the collected material have shown that it is characterized by a high viability of up to 95%, is rich in stem cells and perfect for reimplantation. The LipoLife 3G procedure allows you not only to get rid of unwanted fat from the belly or thighs, but also to use it to enlarge your breasts or buttocks, as well as to rejuvenate your face. During the procredure, your skin gets firmer due to the effect of
temperature, leaving your slimmed body smooth and firm.

Indications for the procedure

Can be performed on all areas of the body, including sensitive, small areas such as the cheeks and neck, as well as larger areas with extensive fat deposits. Additionally, LipoLife can be used for special treatments, such as the treatment of gynecomastia (male mammary gland tissue).

  • Slimming down silhouette
  • Breast enlargement
  • Modelling buttocks
  • Gynecomasty
  • Face modelling
  • Skin shrinkage
  • Firming

    Why choose LipoLife 3G?

    Compared to other liposuction treatments available:

    • Shorter procedure time.
    • Increasing the viability of fat cells.
    • Elimination of the risk of rejection of the procedure thanks to the transplant of your own cells.
    • The laser stimulates your skin to regenerate, thus reducing the skin fold remaining after liposuction.

    Preparation for the procedure

    Before your LipoLife 3G treatment, a medical consultation and tests
    qualifying for the procedure are necessary.

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