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Breast surgery is a surgical procedure intended to change the size or shape of the breasts. For breast enlargement, we use two types of implants: round or anatomical, both from renowned companies.

Indications for the procedure:

  • the desire for breast enlargement,
  • asymmetrical breasts,
  • breast reduction,
  • breast lift.

Before surgery

Before the operation, a medical consultation, interview and diagnostic tests are necessary. All this for the sake of your beauty and safety. During the visit, the doctor will clarify any doubts and together you will determine the purpose of the surgery – the expected size and appearance of the breasts after the procedure. Based on this, the type and shape of the implant will be selected. Before the procedure, each patient receives an individually prepared card of pre-operative recommendations, including: strictly defined diagnostic tests necessary for the procedure. These test can be done in our clinic. If you are taking medications, your doctor will also determine if, when and what medications you will need to discontinue.

The course of the procedure

The operation is being performed under general anesthesia. The final effect of the procedure is influenced not only by the size and shape of the implant (in the case of breast enlargement), but also by the amount of the patient’s glandular and fatty tissue and the surgical technique.

Post-treatment recommendations

After surgery, follow the surgeon’s recommendations. For the highest safety, a hospital stay for 1-2 days is usually recommended. At home, one of the mandatory recommendations is to wear a post-operative bra. Every woman, and therefore every treatment, is different. In case of any doubts or complaints, please consult your doctor immediately.

The final effect of the surgery can be assessed after at least 6 months.

The above content is for information purposes only and does not constitute a final qualification for the procedure.

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