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The OxyGeneo treatment involves exfoliation, thorough cleansing of the outer layer of the skin and oxygenation as a result of providing active substances via infusion.

At the beginning, an exfoliating capsule is used along with a gel rich in active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid. The gel capsule creates micro bubbles of air on the skin surface, which are enriched with carbon dioxide, resulting in the Bohr phenomenon. Hemoglobin reduces its affinity with oxygen, which enters the tissues, leading to rapid oxygenation of the skin.

During the treatment, blood flow in the tissues also increases, which has a positive effect on nutrition, oxygenation, firming and improvement of skin tension.

The effects after treatment:

  • skin oxygenation;
  • colour alignment;
  • skin illumination and hydration;
  • smoothing out fine wrinkles;
  • minimizing acne lesions;
  • reducing skin oiliness;
  • reducing the visibility of pores.


The microgranules released from the capsule exfoliate the stratum corneum and remove all impurities. The skin is smoothed and prepared for further care.


Properly oxygenated and exfoliated skin is ready to absorb the active substances contained in the applied preparation, including: hyaluronic, azelaic and kojic acids, and retinol.


As a result of the reaction, microbubbles containing carbon dioxide are created on the skin surface. The affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen decreases, the oxygen is released into the tissues and the skin is immediately oxygenated.

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