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The microneedle mesotherapy is an innovative aesthetic medicine treatment that is becoming increasingly popular. It uses an advanced system of microneedles to deliver nourishing substances and active ingredients directly to the skin.

During the treatment, microneedles gently puncture the skin, which stimulates natural regenerative processes and collagen production. This makes the skin firmer, more elastic and regains a younger appearance.

Microneedle mesotherapy can be used on various areas of the body, including the face, neck, cleavage, hands and scalp. Thanks to its precision and safety, it is a non-invasive alternative to other aesthetic medicine treatments, allowing patients to quickly return to daily activities.

Precision of the treatment

A carefully selected injection depth allows full control of the treatment performed – in a different way than in the case of derma-rollers and mesotherapy performed using a syringe and a needle.

Shorter recovery time

Thanks to the technology of pulsating needles, the treatment becomes more effective and safe compared to previously known methods used in skin microneedling. The time for skin healing and return to daily activities is shortened.

Safety and sterility

We use hermetically packed molybdenum needles, thanks to which the device does not cause allergic reactions, e.g. in people allergic to particular metals. Each patient can be sure that a new, sterile, disposable needle is used for the procedure.

No complications

By using 33G needles, the needles do not become blunt or bent during the procedure, so there is no possibility of any scars or post-treatment complications.

The effects after treatment:

  • Reduction of scars and wrinkles;
  • Reducing the visibility of pores;
  • Reducing skin oiliness;
  • Evening out the skin tone;
  • Reduction of discolouration;
  • Increasing skin elasticity;
  • Improving the oval of the face.

Stages of healing after treatment:

  1. Secretion of platelet-derived growth factors, fibroblast proliferation and stimulation of the intercellular matrix.
  2. Reconstruction of the skin with the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres, along with stimulation of the angiogenesis process.
  3. The formation of new vessels results in better skin nourishment, blood supply and thickening of its structure, and remodelling occurs.

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