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Lymphatic drainage of the body is performed using a special device that sucks in the skin fold and massages it. This procedure contributes to the breakdown of fat tissue. During the massage, the so-called “fatty lobules” are broken down and proper circulation is restored and lymphatic stasis is removed.

Lymphatic drainage machines are designed to use gentle, rhythmic movements or vacuum pressure to massage specific areas of the body.

The effects of the treatment:

  • reduction of cellulite;
  • reduction of swelling;
  • smoothing the skin structure;
  • improving digestive processes;
  • better colour of the treatment area;
  • feeling of “light legs”;
  • reduction of sides, sagging arms and fat on the outside of thighs;
  • tension of the inner skin around the thighs.

We recommend performing 5-10 lymphatic drainage treatments, with a frequency adapted to the problem and lifestyle.

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