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Face lifting using HI’FU technology is based on the action of a high-energy focused ultrasonic wave and on a specially developed treatment procedure.

HI’FU method treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical lifting, up to the level of the myofascial layer (SMAS). Thanks to the use of ultrasonic waves, collagen is formed. The collagen fibres are heated, which causes them to expand and then immediately contract. This results in skin tightening. An additional advantage of the treatment is the increase in skin elasticity, the production of new collagen fibres, improvement of facial contours, elimination of a double chin or hamsters, and the reduction of wrinkles on the skin surface. The effects of the treatment are permanent, the final effect is visible for 3 to 5 months after the procedure. It is recommended to perform 2 treatments to enhance the effects and prolong the duration of the treatment.

The effects after treatment:

  • reduction of fat tissue around the chin;
  • reduction of sagging face oval;
  • improvement of the face oval;
  • smoothing out fine wrinkles;
  • firming the skin and increasing the skin tension.

After the procedure:

  • avoid the sun and use creams with a high filter (for 28 days);/li>
  • avoid physical activity during the first 3 days;/li>
  • avoid sauna, swimming pools, steam baths and drinking alcohol for 7 days;/li>
  • drink at least 2-2.5 litres of water every day;/li>
  • moisturise the post-treatment area with the products selected during the treatment.

After the treatment, there may be a feeling of warming, burning and pain in the post-treatment areas, and there may also be temporary swelling. Do not use any anti-inflammatory drugs.

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