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A good method to curl, lift and strengthen the structure of eyelashes. Eyelash lifting with lamination

More and more women value natural beauty, including a beautifully enhanced look with natural eyelashes. Often, natural eyelashes are light, sparse, straight and it is difficult to obtain the perfect curl using mascara. In such a situation, an excellent solution is eyelash lifting treatment with lamination. It is a non-invasive treatment, completely painless and does not adversely affect the condition of the eyelashes. Involves curling and lifting the eyelashes to the desired curl, applying a special keratin oil containing soy proteins, grains and keratin, which has a great effect on the external condition of the eyelashes and strengthens their internal structure. Additionally, at the end of the treatment, henna is applied to dye the natural eyelashes. The composition of the treatment products does not burden the natural eyelashes or damage them. The treatment is completely safe and can be performed regularly.

The effects after treatment:

  • curling and lifting eyelashes;
  • optical eyelash extension;
  • thickening of eyelashes;
  • moisturising and nourishing eyelashes;
  • darkening of eyelashes.

The effect lasts for 4 to 7 weeks depending on the eyelash growth cycle.

Post-treatment recommendations (24 hours):

  • avoid saunas;
  • avoid tanning salons;
  • do not wet your eyelashes or apply make-up;
  • do not touch the eyelashes.

After 24 hours, you can apply make-up and apply conditioner to strengthen your eyelashes. It is not recommended to use milks and fatty products for make-up removal (post-treatment period).

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