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Over the years and under the influence of gravity, your face loses its natural shape. As the skin sags, the subcutaneous tissue also moves. As a result, skin folds form around the jaw, and the cheeks lose volume and the temples sag.

Volumetric lifting is a minimally invasive treatment using hyaluronic acid. The acid is administered to places with reduced volume or to places where the skin will be “lifted”. In addition to counteracting the effects of ageing, volume lifting is also used in young people who would like to correct the shape of the face and give it a fuller appearance or slimming.

There are several types of volumetric facelift. We perform volumetric lifting of cheeks, the entire jaw or chin. During a medical consultation, the type of method and preparation is selected to achieve the desired results for the patient.

The effects after treatment:

  • highlighting the cheekbones;
  • lifting drooping skin folds (eliminating sagging face oval and naso labial folds);
  • modelling face contour;
  • slimming the face oval;
  • optical slimming the face;
  • filling the “valley of tears”;
  • filling sunken temples;
  • sharpening the lower part of the face.

The course of the procedure

Like any medical procedure, implanting the hyaluronic acid is preceded by a medical consultation. The procedure is performed using a needle (special, blunt or classic – the type is selected by the doctor depending on the site of the procedure).

Post-treatment recommendations

For 2-3 weeks after the treatment, it is recommended to avoid heating post-treatment areas (e.g. sauna, solarium, intense sunbathing).

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