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Skin regeneration fractional CO₂ laser Aesthetic Medicine Gizińscy

The fractional CO₂ laser is a modern technology that enables deep skin regeneration by stimulating the skin’s deep layers to produce collagen. The laser causes non-uniform micro-damages to the tissue, and by leaving the skin areas around the micro-damages intact, the tissue repair process takes less time, the skin regenerates faster, and the effects are visible faster.

The fractional CO₂ laser is used by people who want to get rid of wrinkles, intensively regenerate the skin, remove discolourations, stretch marks and acne scars.

After the treatment, slight swelling and redness may occur. The skin may burn after excessive exposure to sun and may peel during healing. After about 7-10 days, any inconvenience related to the procedure should disappear. You should wait about 4 weeks for the final results. The skin must have time to regenerate and renew cells.

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